Photo by Jeffrey Mosier Photography

Photo by Jeffrey Mosier Photography

I'm Daniel Jacob Carkuff-Corey. Originally… DJ Corey.

I'm an actor; a bit of a director. I get my first camera because I want to make funny YouTube videos. Videos take a long time. Should I figure out how this camera works? What did I just do? This camera is expensive.  

Wow, this camera takes pictures.  Beautiful pictures.  What if I...

The best impulses can lead to the unexpected.  I'm now a photographer.

I love it.

If you come to our home for a session, you’ll probably be greeted by my almost 3 year old daughter, who will likely have a mess of toys on the floor; also by my wife, who will probably be cooking something delicious in the kitchen. My family has helped me every step of the way with this impulse, and they guide me with every step forward.

When you come to our home, I hope you feel at ease. I hope you feel welcomed. When you come to our home for a session, you are not just a client… you are a guest of our family.

Style & Pricing

I offer a $360 session that includes 4 setups/clothing & look changes, and a curated web gallery of high resolution digital shots available for download. I also retouch one shot of your choice at no additional charge.

Need something shorter? I also offer a 2-look session for $240. Even shorter? Let’s talk about customizing your shoot!

If you are interested in incorporating some other portraiture into your shoot, let’s talk. I’m game for (almost) anything!

Feel free to send me an e-mail, a text, or give me a call to discuss and plan your investment: dJCOREYPHOTO@GMAIL.COM or 765-376-3890.