Photo by Jeffrey Mosier Photography

Photo by Jeffrey Mosier Photography

I'm Daniel Jacob Corey.  DJ Corey.

I'm an actor; a bit of a director. I get my first camera because I want to make funny YouTube videos. Videos take a long time. Should I figure out how this camera works? What did I just do? This camera is expensive.  

Wow, this camera takes pictures.  Beautiful pictures.  What if I...

The best impulses can lead to the unexpected.  I'm now a photographer.

I love it.  The best impulses also lead to fiancees and babies. Also expensive. And unexpected.  And loved.

Style & Pricing

I offer a 2-hour session at $360. This includes 4 setups/clothing & look changes, and a curated web gallery of high resolution digital shots available for download. I also retouch one shot of your choice at no additional charge.

Like the analog look? For an additional $40, I am now offering to shoot a roll of 35mm (36 images) or 120 medium format film (10-16 images) to complement your headshot session.

If you're looking for something quicker, I am happy to come up with pricing for your customized shoot.

More questions? Feel free to send me an e-mail, a text, or give me a call to discuss and plan your investment!